Messiah Strategic Goals 2015-2018

Our updated Strategic Goals for the next several years have been drafted, with the discernment, gifts and participation of many members in our Goals Workshop and follow-up meetings.  They build on our 2011-2014 goals, and continue to move us toward our vision of what God is calling us to be as a congregation.

 From 2015 through 2018, we will increasingly become “Church for the Community” as we:

 Promote language and behaviors that acknowledge and celebrate that all are beloved and gifted children of God, brothers and sisters in Christ.

  1. Increase our engagement with the community through the quantity of our  interactions and the quality of our relationships. 2.Grow the % of Messiah members engaged in ministries with intentional community  interaction from 7% to 20%
  2. Double the number of community members engaged with Messiah ministries with intentional community interaction.  (Baseline to be  established in 2015)
  3.  Equip people through study, worship and training to share our unique faith stories such that God’s love is proclaimed.
  4. Continue to increase congregational engagement in our ministries of worship, learning, service and outreach from 50% to 65% of members.

 These congregational goals will be supported by specific goals within each ministry area; our ministry teams are updating their goals over the next few months.  We are richly blessed in part to share what we are learning on our faith journey with the larger community, and these goals reflect a natural extension of our commitment to being church together. Please join us in our ongoing response to God's call to us here at Messiah.