Meow Ministry

Video with permission from Carol Ann of Ferals and Kittens and Cats Oh My. Video by Andrea.

In 2017 the Meow Ministry was created as an informal ministry at The Lutheran Church of Concord, and continues now at Messiah.  The ministry was created out of an awareness that locally, there is a serious problem, being the overpopulation of abandoned cats.

Many of these cats will suffer from disease, harsh weather and numerous hazards. These cats are likely to live shorter lives, will quickly reproduce, and risk euthanasia at animal shelters. Stray kittens born outside become feral quickly, losing their ability to trust humans. This makes it increasingly difficult to be socialized for adoption, or to receive needed medical treatment.

Meow Ministry recognizes that there are many local non-profit volunteers and groups using TNR and other efforts to reduce the population. Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) is a program to trap and vaccinate feral cats needing to be spayed or neutered, and release them back into their colonies. It is a proven and humane approach to reducing overpopulation. Tame cats are also trapped for neuter or spaying.

Meow Ministry’s most central effort is to aid these volunteers, who are removing sick, injured, pregnant and unneutered cats from the streets. Immediate shelter and permanent homes must be found for kittens and the more socialized adult cats.

How can we help to achieve these goals? We provide resources of food, supplies and financial support. Your food and monetary donations help these rescuers spend more of their budgets on neutering and other veterinary expenses. Our donated non-food items can help foster parents, permanent home providers, or local groups such as GRASP in Greece.

We also work to educate and increase awareness of local cat overpopulation and the extent of suffering of these forgotten cats, while we are improving their well-being through action. Join us in caring for this little part of God's creation.

Contact:  Jennie Bowker, or the Church Office